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Los Angeles, CA Off-Road Jeep Customization Shop

DCD CUSTOMS is a Jeep customization shop located in Chatsworth, California, near Los Angeles.

We specialize in customizing the best off-road Jeep Builds in Los Angeles & all of California. We eat, sleep and breath each custom Jeep project as if it was our own Jeep.

At DCD we have the most knowledgeable Jeep experts that know which Jeep builds work best for off-roading. We know which specific custom parts work well off-road and we also know which parts don’t work well off-road. Our Jeep Customization Shop near Los Angeles has all of the best quality tools & equipment for installing custom Jeep parts, therefore we have what it takes to provide you with the best off-road Jeep customization near Los Angeles, CA.

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Best Jeep Customization Shop in California, We eat, sleep, breath every jeep build project like our own.

We know which specific custom parts are the best for building a jeep that can off-road like a monster.  We serve customers in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Location & Directions

Location: 9520 De Soto Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311

Telephone: (818) 838-1100


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